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2x NBA Most Valuable Player - Steve Nash's Daily 20 Minute Greatness Workout

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

6'2 Canadian Steve Nash was a 2x NBA MVP in 04-05 & 05-06. During this time he led his Phoenix Suns to great success proving you don't need to be tall to be the best at basketball. Here's how he did it one day at a time.

"My approach has been that a player with determination and a willingness to work harder than anyone else can accomplish anything. It’s a simple formula. I’ve found it works." - Steve Nash

Here's Steve Nash's 20 minute MVP workout that you can do by yourself and become great. All you need is a basketball and a basketball rim.

“It seems like my whole life I’ve been this little Canadian kid dreaming somebody would give me a chance.”

We suggest taking notes during the video to help guide you on how to do it. Don't have time to take notes? Take your laptop, cell phone or tablet outside right now and watch and emulate. Greatness is a choice, are you ready to be great? Watch the video and go be great, everyday.


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